תוכנית הלימודים

We emphasize an interdisciplinary approach to learning, and offer a full curriculum of general studies, Judaics, Hebrew language, and related arts.

Our student-centered instruction encourages children to view the world from a variety of perspectives, to ask questions, and to challenge obvious or accepted answers with their own ideas and opinions. We teach each child to view their world through a joint prism of who he or she is as a human being and as a Jew.

This approach has resulted in grades 2 – 6 standardized test scores that consistently average in the 98th percentile.

At CJDS, each grade builds upon an essential question that forms the framework and funnel for all the learning, discussions and study. Here are the questions our students are focused on every day:

Kindergarten: “What does it mean to be part of God’s creation?”

First Grade: “How do we build a community?”

Second Grade: “How can I awaken a sense of wonder?”

Third Grade: “What do we pack for life’s journey?”

Fourth Grade: “How do we as individuals find our place in community?”

Fifth Grade: “How does leadership affect a culture?”

Sixth Grade: “How do I respond to the forces outside of me?”

In a warm and nurturing two-teacher environment of the Primary Level (K-3), students are comfortable and free to explore the many wonders of our universe. Cared for and encouraged, our youngest students are challenged as well. Field trips take them to museums and performances as well as parks and farms. They move beyond the classroom to experience the vibrant world in which they live.

In the Intermediate Level (4-6), students actively engage each other and the adults around them both socially and intellectually, as they establish a sense of themselves. Two full-time teachers are also in each class as the students work to gain a deeper understanding of their world.

Combined, our children truly experience seven special years of growth and learning unparalleled in central Ohio.