Development Office

משרד פיתוח

There are many ways to make a significant impact on the future of our school. Please e-mail the Development Office or call 614-939-5311 to learn more.


Giving a tribute in honor or memory of a special individual or family is a meaningful way to support CJDS. Express gratitude; honor a bar or bat mitzvah; celebrate a wedding, anniversary, or birth of a child; or honor the memory of a loved one with a meaningful gift. Your tribute allows children to grow spiritually and intellectually in this special place we call home. Now and for generations to come. The full amount of your donation is tax-deductible as allowable by federal tax regulations.

Planned Giving

Just as a wise investor will look for ways to maximize the return on an investment, a wise donor will take advantage of tax incentives specifically intended to encourage charitable contributions. Such incentives often enable a donor to make a larger gift at no additional, or even a reduced, out-of-pocket cost. While outright gifts are most immediately helpful to CJDS, donors may make a contribution in a variety of ways. Many of these offer substantial tax, estate planning, and other financial benefits. As a result, donors may enhance financial security for themselves and their families, while also making a substantial commitment to strengthening the future of CJDS. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and your advisors to discuss how you can include Columbus Jewish Day School in your charitable plans. All discussions will be held in the strictest of confidence.

Bequests and Charitable Trusts

These are popular vehicles through which you can provide charitable support to CJDS. They can also provide significant financial benefits for you and your loved ones. We suggest that you seek advice from your financial and legal advisors when considering these options. Bequests are exempt from federal and state inheritance taxes, and subject to an unlimited deduction, you may find that a commitment through your will—combined with an outright pledge—may allow you to contribute more significantly to CJDS than you thought possible.

Charitable Lead Trust

If you are seeking ways to pass assets on to your heirs – and if your current income exceeds your personal financial requirements – a may provide income and estate tax benefits. A Charitable Lead Trust is created by placing assets in trust for a period of years, with a specific amount being paid to CJDS in each of those years. At the end of that time period, the assets are passed on to your beneficiaries. A Charitable Lead Trust may be established with a minimum contribution of $100,000 and the donor must be 60 years of age or older.

Charitable Remainder Trust

If you would like to make a significant gift to CJDS but are concerned about giving up a portion of your income, you may find the Charitable Remainder Trust particularly advantageous. If you are at least 60 years of age, you can create a Charitable Remainder Trust with a minimum gift of $100,000 in cash, securities, or property to CJDS in exchange for an agreed-upon income for life or a specific number of years (not to exceed 20 years). The principal of the gift is released to the school for spending purposes upon the death of the beneficiary (the individual receiving the income) or the end of the agreement term.

Life Insurance

This is an often overlooked vehicle for contributing to CJDS. When you name CJDS as both owner and beneficiary of a policy, the school gains invaluable financial support, while you receive a substantial charitable deduction. The value of a fully paid policy is its cash surrender value. If the school elects to pay premiums, these payments will be considered operating expenses and will not increase the cash surrender value of the gift.

Securities & Property

Gifts of appreciated securities can be particularly beneficial to both you and CJDS. Long-term securities (those held more than a year) earn a deduction on their fair market value on the day of the gift. In addition, neither the school nor the donor is subject to capital gains tax on those securities. Short-term securities earn a deduction on their original cost to you. Gifts of readily marketable securities will be credited at fair market value at the average of the high and low quoted selling price on the date the donor relinquishes control of the asset. We ask that donors making a gift of stock contact the school before the transfer is made, so that we may credit the donor properly. Valuable personal property—books, works of art, antiques—often appreciate over time, presenting additional opportunities to contribute to CJDS. Such gifts may reduce your estate tax liability and lower your taxable income in the year of the donation.

Real Estate

For many donors, this is the most advantageous way to support CJDS. You may deed property outright to CJDS, transfer ownership of some or all of the property to CJDS while retaining residency rights, or include real estate in a bequest to CJDS. All gifts of real estate are subject to advance approval by the school.