Here at CJDS, we follow Kashrut guidelines in our classrooms and cafeteria. All food and snacks provided by CJDS are kosher with an appropriate Kashrut certification. We appreciate your efforts in implementing this policy.

PLEASE NOTE that if you are not accustomed to these practices, the observance of Kashrut can be confusing. This is why we encourage you to ask questions. CJDS would also be very happy to provide a question-and-answer session for parents about kashrut. If you are interested, please contact Yehudit Kanfer, Leadership Representative from Judaic Studies. For all the details regarding our Kashrut policy, please see our Student Handbook.

ALL FOOD brought into classrooms for sharing with groups MUST be kosher and marked with an appropriate symbol of kashrut certification. There are several symbols of Kashrut certification. Below are the most common symbols you will see:

Thank you for helping CJDS maintain a consistent kashrut policy.