CJDS Kindergarten Celebrates Shabbat

November 11, 2011

In celebration of their unit on Shabbat, kindergarteners invited special guests into school last week to help create a Shabbat Kit and enjoy Kabbalat Shabbat blessing led by the class. In preparation for the day, students learned about the ritual objects – candlesticks, the Kiddush cup and hallah cover – that are the cornerstones of each week’s celebration.

Students learned that the simple act of sitting down at the Shabbat table brings Israel into our homes. They learned that Israelites used to bring light to their dining tables by burning oil from olives that grew on local olive trees. They talked about the grapes grown by Israeli wineries that became wine for Kiddush, and the work involved by Israeli farmers tending the wheat crops that became tasty and sweet hallah.

During Shabbat Kit-Making Day students and their guests made hallah covers and decorated “blessings” booklets.