Social & Emotional

תוכנית לימודים חברתית רגשית

A CJDS education focuses on the whole child. We consider the physical, social, spiritual and emotional wellbeing of each student equally as important and relevant as his or her cognitive competence.

Our Social and Emotional Curriculum is based on the Jewish value of K’Vod haBriot (respect for one’s fellow man). It is our mission to treat one another with dignity and respect at all times. The curriculum promotes responsible behavior that creates an environment conducive to purposeful learning.

We use K’Vod haBriot and these five values to guide our behavior at CJDS:

Self-awareness Recognize one’s emotions and values as well as one’s strengths and limitations.

Responsible Decision Making Make ethical, constructive choices about personal and social behavior.

Relationship Skills Form positive relationships, work in teams, deal effectively with conflict.

Social Awareness Show understanding and empathy for others.

Self-management Manage emotions and behaviors to achieve one’s goals.

Rules of conduct, classroom, cafeteria, playground, bus and community expectations are detailed in the Social and Emotional Guidelines portion of the CJDS Parent Handbook (pages 17–20).