עברית ולימודי קודש

Our school was founded to embrace children and families across the spectrum of Jewish observance.

Influenced by the philosophy of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, who believed that the task of Jewish education is to “humanize the sacred, and sanctify the secular,” Judaic Studies at CJDS are designed to help each child make the richness of Jewish law and tradition a working part of his or her everyday life. Our students learn to see Jewish traditions as a resource for the big questions of life.

Nowhere is this more apparent then in our commitment to bilingual studies. Using the Tal AM Hebrew Language arts program, our Judaics teachers have designed the bilingual curriculum so that Hebrew can be acquired easily by using delivery methods and levels of language that are age-appropriate, fun, engaging, and relevant. Our students begin to speak, read, and write Hebrew in Kindergarten and leave with conversational fluency by sixth grade. The Tal AM program supports our process with activities to engage all five senses – including music, games and workbooks.

Our Judaic approach is reflected in everything we do. In morning Tefillah and our weekly Kabbalat Shabbat; in the many ways we interact with the broader educational community and extend help to others; at our lunch tables and holiday celebrations, CJDS honors and celebrates the rich diversity of Jewish life and observance.