לימודים כלליים

We believe that integrated learning helps our students make connections by breaking down barriers between subjects – creating a more meaningful learning experience.

At CJDS, a lesson in measurement can take place in the flight of birds, the height of a statue, the span of a friend’s arms, or the distance between Tel Aviv and Haifa. Our students hold yoga poses in the shape of Hebrew letters.

Folding in the Hebrew language and Jewish traditions with General Studies creates a context for learning that is holistic and grounding.

Language Arts

All students experience a broad range of literature and written expression that fosters analytical and creative thought.

We instill our students with a lifelong love of reading and an appreciation of the written word. Students develop written and oral communication skills – starting in Kindergarten, where our youngest students make presentations to older grades.


The CJDS rigorous mathematics program introduces students to basic concepts, grade-level appropriate math vocabulary, and problem-solving strategies. We provide a multi-sensory curriculum that teaches students the value of math in everyday life with an emphasis on practical application, critical thinking and problem solving for real-world situations.

Students study and apply logic, number sense and operations, measurement, data collections, and probability. Whole-group, small group and individual activities are used to build confidence. Supplemental and accelerated math resources are available to meet the needs of our diverse students.


CJDS students are able to make a personal connection with science and the environment. Students are taught to formulate hypotheses, make predictions, and communicate their findings in precise scientific language.

Units of study cover physical science, earth and space, and life science topics. Our faculty lead experiential science lessons on and off campus. Explorations to the Columbus Zoo, Camp Lazarus and Blendon Woods connect our students with the world around them.

Our campus hosts its very own Butterfly Garden and sits adjacent to the 80-acre New Albany Nature Preserve where students conduct outdoor experiments and discussions during all four seasons.