לימודי סביבה

“The health of children and the health of the Earth are inseparable.”

Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods

CJDS students learn to understand, appreciate and become stewards of the environment starting in the early grades as they study plants, animals and recycling. Here, students are directly engaged with the world of science and nature. The school grounds include an on-site nature preserve with woods, water features, and prairie land – offering many opportunities for experiential learning and spiritual growth.

These locations are also used for prayer, contemplation and discovery. It’s here that our students are awakened to a spiritual connectedness and sense of obligation to nature and the world that surrounds them.

Our outdoor “classrooms” serve as dedicated space for students to continue their learning and share what they’ve observed in nature. Through fieldwork, research, technology and science they acquire an active appreciation of our impact on the world and our responsibilities to our earth and community.

To complement our efforts, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources has designated CJDS a “Wild School Site.” This certification includes curricula and lesson plans for further environmental study. The lessons are coupled with technology exercises, further enhancing our integrated approach to learning.

What is a WILD School Site?

A WILD School Site is any school property used by students, teachers, and the school community as a place to learn about and benefit wildlife and the environment.

They function within the premise that every school, regardless of size and location, provides outdoor educational opportunities that can and should be part of an integrated environmental education program. WILD School Sites provide opportunities for students to apply and use what they know.

Projects can be any action, small or large, that is taken to improve the schoolyard habitat for wildlife and people.