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בְּמַבָּט אֶחָד

Many Schools Educate Children for a Changing World.
CJDS Educates Children Who Will Change the World.

Columbus Jewish Day School provides students with the Intellectual Sophistication, Social Responsibility, and Personal Authenticity they need to be creative participants in contemporary experience. By drawing on Jewish values, teachings and practices, CJDS provides students the intellectual and spiritual resources they need to become courageous, passionate and fully realized human beings.

Intellectual Sophistication… as a Jew and as a citizen of the world.
Cognitive learning: Beyond academic excellence, which every school should strive for, CJDS is committed to developing understanding: how our students think, process, produce and perform intellectually. Training is for seals, but we are preparing inventors. For that you need regular high level critical thinking and problem solving across an integrated curriculum. That’s what we mean by intellectual sophistication.

Social Responsibility… as a Jew and as a citizen of the world.
Behavioral learning: This is how one acts in the world, with family, friends, community members and contributes to the world beyond. We engage in fixing the world, tikkun olam, according to Jewish ethics and values and ideals of American and global citizenship.

Personal Authenticity… as a Jew and as a citizen of the world.
Affective learning: Little else matters if a person lacks a sense of his or her true Self. Coming to know oneself and to own, proudly and clearly, one’s voice in the world, requires intra-personal, emotional intelligence, self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-confidence. We only feel we have succeeded in our education when each student feels and knows deeply that who they are as a Jew, as a girl or boy, as a learner, in all aspects of their relevant identities.

Elaboration on the Mission: Columbus Jewish Day School is committed to creating a rich educational environment that enables its students to become courageous, passionate, and fully realized human beings who are capable of extracting meaning from, and infusing meaning into, their experience of the world. CJDS seeks to develop in its students a fully integrated sense of self, a deep appreciation of how the values, teachings, and practices of the Jewish tradition can be central and pervasive to modern life, and a sense of warm intimacy and direct linkage with Judaism as it has been lived over thousands of years. CJDS fosters critical thinking, discovery, invention, and problem solving within a community of actively engaged learners. In doing so, CJDS prepares its students to become outstanding members of their future middle and high schools and university communities. CJDS also provides students, their families, faculty, staff, and the broader community with wide-ranging opportunities to translate timeless values into socially significant action, thereby fulfilling the legacy of the Jewish prophetic tradition.

Founded: 1998


Affiliations & Memberships: PRIZMAH, OAIS, Wild School

Location: New Albany, Ohio
Size: 30,000 square feet adjacent to 7 acres of woodlands
2017 Enrollment: 60
Faculty: 15
Administration: 5
Student to Faculty Ratio: 4:1

Tzedakah Club, Yarok Together/Gardening Club, Chess Club, Tennis and Sports Club.

Special Events and Programs:

Back to School Party
Kabbalat Shabbat activities
Humash Ceremony
Siddur Ceremony
Parent Seminars
Family Holiday Programs
Community Day
Lunches in the Sukkah
Sleepover in the Sukkah
Simchat Torah celebration
Night of Literature & the Arts
Sixth grade trip to Philadelphia