We Believe

אֲנַחְנוּ מַאֲמִינִים

We believe grades K-6 are the most special time in a child’s life.

We believe in pluralistic, Jewish community day schools. We believe academic excellence is best achieved through a fully integrated program of general and Judaic studies. We believe a warm and nurturing environment is the secret to ensuring that children become active learners. We believe having a general studies and Judaic studies teacher for each class creates opportunities for an integrated curriculum and a greater focus on each individual student.

We believe in helping our students grow into socially responsible citizens of the world and their local communities. We believe in Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel’s teachings and have used them as building blocks for this school and its mandate for social responsibility. We believe we have the most talented faculty in Columbus or anywhere else for that matter.

But most importantly, we believe in our students and their potential to make this world a better place.